Progress Through Understanding

Jacobs’ Assessment Specialists provides a variety of services for students, adults, and families with special needs. We specialize in the assessment of developmental disorders, learning disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and psychological disorders related to educational functioning.

Hilary Jacobs

Who I Am

I am a licensed educational psychologist with over 25 years experience working with individuals with special needs as a teacher, administrator, psychologist. I began my career as a camp counselor, Sunday school teacher, public school psychologist, school counselor, and interventionist. I have had my private practice for 17 years. Most of all I am a mom.

My Services

What I Offer

"I don't know why Logan is not making greater academic progress."
"Hailey really tries, but just can't seem to earn the grades that reflect with her potential."

You often hear these type  of comments and some students cause you to wonder why they have not progressed as expected academically. Often the reason a student is not succeeding is an undiagnosed learning disability.

At Jacobs’ Assessment Specialists, we offer Progress Through Understanding with: 

Psychoeducational Assessment

remote assessments available when appropriate

Intervention Strategies
Training and Staff Development
Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)
home consult
In-Home Consultation

How I Help

First, thank you for trusting me to work with you! We partner together. We establish referral questions, a proposed service plan, complete assessment through intake review of records, environmental observations. Rating scales, direct assessment, analysis, report writing, assessment review, school team meeting, follow up. Fees are project based, not hourly.

Some things I help with:

How it works

My Process

The psychoeducational assessment process includes:

An initial phone conference to discuss needs and concerns.
An analysis of relevant information.
School observation.
Assessment sessions with the individual, including remote assessments when appropriate.
A team meeting to discuss results and to provide specific recommendations.
Production of a comprehensive, narrative report with specific suggestions for a course of action.
I value Transparency

Pricing / Fees

My pricing is project-based, meaning it is unique to each person or family I work with. Once I learn more about the situation, I will provide a proposed service plan for your review. This plan describes the assessment and administration measures needed.

Payment Information

What my clients say about me


“Can not say enough good about Hilary personally and professionally, her testing is excellent. She does the absolutely best ever, anywhere! And when we need letters or information she always does a very complete response. She even drove a long way to hold a meeting with my son’s principal and teachers that really turned things around for him at school. Our principal, of many years, said her reports were the most comprehensive he had ever seen. I have called on her for help and support many times, and will continue to do so. She is so willing to help and I know she honestly cares about my son. Hilary has been a huge blessing! HIGHLY recommend her!”
- Parent of a learning disabled child
“Hilary has been a godsend for me! She is such a warm and compassionate professional, and it’s my experience that those are hard to come by. She has been monumental in my development as a student in discovering the source of my learning disability. I have learned so much about why I have struggled with certain tasks throughout my life. It all makes sense to me now. I am a graduate student who only now has the accommodations that I need to be successful. What a freeing experience. She cares deeply about her work and helping students reach their goals by discovering their strengths as well as weaknesses in academia. She has offered me so much guidance and advice in ways to work around my challenges as a student, and it has translated into my success. I’m eternally grateful and she will definitely be at my graduation. I’m on my way now.”
- Young adult in graduate school
“Hilary Jacobs was a tremendous help when our school district fumbled my daughter’s assessment. Hilary spent many hours with my daughter testing her and observing her in her classroom. Upon finishing, we were able to figure out what learning disability our daughter had, and figure out a clear path for her to be successful in school. Hilary’s patience and guidance through the whole IEP process was incredible. She helped us navigate a very tough and delicate situation with aplomb. Thank you Hilary. Our girl is thriving now that we know how to help her!”
- Parent of elementary aged student with a learning disability
“Ms. Jacobs was a guest speaker for us at our autism support group, Advocacy For Autism through the Autism Society Inland Empire. During her 90-minute presentation, she educated parents on the importance of obtaining a good assessment, how to go about getting one that works with the public school system and valuable assessment tools for autism. With her extensive experience working in public and private school settings, she believes in working with the system, not against it. She also believes that parents are the best advocates for their children. I would definitely welcome back Ms. Jacobs to speak for us again. She was both engaging and knowledgeable on issues affecting families with autism within the educational system.”
- Board President, Autism Society Inland Empire
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